Therapeutic Style


In our time together we will utilize many different approaches, modalities, and theories to best align with your current needs such as: CBT, Narrative Therapy, solution-focused, and others.

These very interventions will help reduce the symptoms you walk in my office with, such as: depression, anxiety, trauma, work/career related issues, and relationship conflicts of all types such as differences with one's boss, struggles with coworkers, relational issues with spouse, problems with your teenager, etc.


Together, we will identity existing strengths and cultivate new skills to improve your daily life perspective, your emotional awareness & overall emotional well-being. Suffering, pain, anxiety, depression and substance related issues are all opportunities for change. With change comes emotional freedom, enhanced well-being, and restores balance. 

We will work together to find value in all experiences both positive & negative; they are just experiences in which to learn from. I specialize in all substance-related issues, stress management, relational concerns, and individual personal well-being. ​

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