I work with men and women who are struggling to find relief from the day to day struggles and lead them to healing and fulfillment despite life’s struggles. Through this process you will unveil a meaning personal  connection that is transcending and sustainable.

$150.00 per (50 Min).


I work with couples that are struggling with any number of issues, which i believe is natural, nothing can be perfect. These issues often include Identifying communication patterns. In doing this, you will gain clarity and overall strengthen the communication pattern moving forward, and raise the level of contentment in your relationship.

$180 per (50 min).



Depression and anxiety are the most common reasons individuals come to therapy.  Depression & anxiety can be crippling emotionally, physically and spiritually and both can ruin relationships with self and others. But there are tools and interventions we can work on to reduce your symptoms and help build strength, hope, and satisfaction.

$150.00 per (50 min)


Addiction and alcoholism is paired with depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, impulse control problems, obsession and compulsion. Through approaches such as CBT, mindfulness tools, DBT skills will all create an awareness to one's self, which is paramount to sustain growth/change.  I work with alcoholics, addicts, gamblers, gamers, and those experiencing intimacy concerns. 

$150 per (50 min).


I also work with the parents, brothers, and sisters of those struggling with addiction. The focal point of substance treatment/counseling is typically geared for those who are afflicted with addiction or alcoholism themselves. I  believe in order for the addict or alcoholic to achieve sustainable change, the family, or support system must also have support/counseling for what you are going through. This effort can work wonders to build support for the suffering addict or alcoholic.   $150 per (50 min).

NEW UPDATES as of 03/18/20

I offer telehealth sessions for individual therapy at the 50 min rate of $120. This is a great way to create continuity of care despite the current climate and stay connected during the coronavirus quarantine. Telehealth is convenient and offers support throughout any crisis and especially when leaving your home is not recommended. All you need is a Smartphone, iPad or other tablet, or a home computer.  I use a HIPPA compliant platform called Vsee. Vsee is simple and free to use. We may need to practice social distancing, but we do not need to distance ourselves from a solution. Being cooped up at home with anxiety and nothing to do? Call or email to schedule, I still have some space available.  Please be saide and for more information please select Vsee and read more about it. 

(as of 03/23/20)

I  now accept PREMERA insurance at my second office location, The Mindful Therapy Group, 101 Elliott Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98119. Hours of availability at this location is 2pm - 8pm. Available day/s time/s for Telehealth include Tuesday's, Wednesday's, and Thursdays. Space will fill quickly. The Mindful Therapy Group is located in the old Seattle Post Intelligencer building, which is located directly on the Sound, with stunning office views & only 1.3 miles from the Denny location, see map below.

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